Who are the Ex-Gaza Refugees?

Most of the Palestinians who live in Jordan have the Jordanian nationality. Therefore, they enjoy the civil rights appertained to them as Jordanian citizens. However, a smaller fraction of the Palestinian population in Jordan, those who were displaced to Gaza in the 1948 war and then, displaced again to Jordan in the 1967 war, were exceptional case. They were not granted Jordanian nationality and left as stateless persons. As a consequence of that, they face strict restrictions on finding jobs and at the same time, they are required to pay expensive tuition and college fees as any other foreigner would do to pursue university studies in Jordan.

The purpose and expected achievement of the project

■To deliver the fruits of the work of researches about the Israel/Palestine conflict and the surrounding areas by applying them to the practical level, through committing directly to the issue of the refugees which derives from the prolonged conflict.

■To shed light on a "chronic" problems that derive from the Israel/Palestine conflict among not only researchers of Middle Eastern affairs, but also the general public in Japan.

■To provide continuous assistance to one of the most needy cases as a typical assistances project through UNRWA, by focusing the support on the Ex-Gaza Refugees.

■To construct a basis for young researchers to pursue their field study by creating relations of confidence with Palestine-related/based organizations including UNRWA.