Becoming a member

Palestine Scholarship Fund is accepting applications for membership at any time from anyone.
Members of the Fund will be charged a membership fee twice a year, and will receive our online newsletter (in Japanese only) containing a report on the grades of the selected scholarship students.

Two categories of membership are available: "Regular Membership" and "Supporting Membership". Both can be freely chosen.

- Regular Membership
Right to a vote in the General Assembly
Membership Fee is 5,000 yen (per 6 months)

- Supporting Membership
No right to vote in the General Assembly
Membership fee is 2,000 yen (per 6 months)

Membership fee could be paid double or more times per a member. However, voting right is same for every member (not according to amount of fee).

The General Assembly will be held once a year.
In case of absence, we will kindly request a letter of attorney.

How to become a member

Applicants are required to fill in and send the Membership Form to us by e-mail and make the payment of the first membership fee. The Membership Form can be downloaded from the link below. As soon as we receive the membership form and confirm your payment, we will notify you by e-mail.

In case the name of the applicant and the account holder's name are different, we kindly ask you to notify us in advance.

Membership Form can be downloaded here.

We would like to remind that The Fund also accepts free donations, regardless of membership.

The paymet of Free donation and fee Paymets through Bank Transfer

Our Bank Transfer Details

We would like to ask our members to transfer the membership fee to the following address:

普通口座 2053107 

The We are terribly sorry to announce that service charges for the payment will also have to be paid by the payer, if applicable. We ask for your comprehension.
In case the name of the account holder and the name of the member are different, we kindly ask you to notify the Fund in advance.
We ask applicants of membership to fill in the membership form with the necessary information, so that we can send our online newsletter (in Japanese only).

About free donations

Our Bank Transfer Details

The Fund also accepts free donations regardless of membership. No membership form is required and the value of the donation is up to the donor to decide. unfortunatelyNnfortunately, we cannot send the online newsletter for non-members. However, we can send the receipt of the bank transfer (It does not work as credit against taxes). Contact our office in case of interest.