Our Scholarship grant procedure

●A contract for this scholarship programis signed between the UNRWA (head of education affairs? ) in Jordan and the Palestine Scholarship Fund.
- Documents about the value of the stipend, the duration, the conditions and details of the program is written down. - The stipend for the first semesteris transferred to UNRWA Jordan education division's bank account.

●Public recruiting of scholarship candidates is made. Then, candidates are selected.
- UNRWA announces this scholarship through the newspaper advertisements. - UNRWA starts accepting applications.
- Application screenings and interviews are made under the collaboration of UNRWA and the Fund. Then, scholarship recipients are selected.
- The value of the stipend is decided according to the major of the selected students.

●A contract is signed with the selected students. Then, granting of stipends starts.
- A contract between the Fund (in the administrative director's name) and the selected student is signed through the mediation of UNRWA.
- Stipends is granted at every academic semester.
- The scholarship students submit their grades each semester. UNRWA reports it to the Fund.

●Depending on the grades of the students, the granting of stipends would continue.
- The Fund decides whether or not to continue the granting of stipends based on reports by UNRWA. If there are no problems, stipends for the next semester would be provided and the scholarship program would proceed.
- The Fund reports its own donors about this program through the newsletter.


The Fund considers eligible students who satisfy following three conditions.

a. Be a Gaza refugee residing in Jordan
b. Have a strong desire in pursuing university studies and have taken the Tawjihi test, or be already enrolled in a university and have a strong desire to graduate.
c. Facing economic hardship that poses as an obstacle to the continuation of his/her studies.

Eligible students are selected through the following criteria. Since the Fund's aim is to improve social standards of Gaza refugees, it specially takes in consideration the criteria 1.

1) Facing economic hardship that poses as an obstacle to the continuation of his/her studies.
2) Score in the Tawjihi

Both aspects of the candidate students will be compared and the one who faces most challenge will be selected.

What is the Tawjihi?
The examination taken in the last year of the high school(12th year). It certificates the graduation from the high school and it is a requirement for admission to universities.