What is Palestine Scholarship?

The Israel/Palestine conflict has already completed more than 60 years, being the source of large refugee flows and the ongoing occupation. "Japanese Scholarship Programme for Palestinians" was established by the voluntary initiative of people engaged in research and volunteer activities in the region of Palestine and its neighboring countries.

Our Intention

Our intention with this project is to provide support to those from whom we learned so much in our daily researches and volunteer activities; and by providing support we expect to deepen our understanding of the problem which Plestinians faceto a further level.

We might lack the efficiency and the financial ability to achieve striking results. However, by keeping our attention to the roots of the problem, we expect to set a place where we can grasp the complexity of its structural aspect.

The main project of Palestine Scholarship is the "Gaza Refugee Scholarship Project".

Our Target

"Gaza Refugee Scholarship Project" grants scholarships for Ex-Gaza refugees who reside in Jordan, through the framework of UNRWA (The United Nations Relief and Works Agency).